Kaie Hansson

Kaie HanssonI have always been drawn to intellectual pursuits and work that ignites passion! IT is a field that either does exactly that or leaves you indifferent. For me, it did the former – it is the one and only. And if you add to the equation a cooperation partner that loves its field of activity – together great things can be accomplished.

In 2004, I graduated from the International University Audentes with a degree in Information Technology Management. My studies were preceded by three years of Applied Mathematics at the University of Tartu.

Before joining HLP, I had two jobs: the first at AS Eesti Post (mail service), where I worked for seven years as a software developer and IT manager, and the second at SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum (Tartu University Hospital), where I spent four years as a data protection and special software development manager.

My own personal favourite projects are those that are concerned with the creation and management of a software client’s development process, including its team, and of course data protection projects. In a tense situation, the characteristics, development methods and management practices of the team can become entangled, and I am well versed in organising their untangling.

While studying at Audentes and working at Tartu University Hospital at the same time, I specialised in data protection and software development. In my job, I have had to keep myself up to date in various IT fields (management and security of servers, communication networks, workstations, and programming), which has provided a solid foundation for my specialisation in data protection.

My fierce temperament and disdain for indifferent people have made me both friends and enemies. I possess within me the optimism and power of persuasion of several people. I’m also pedantic – I love having everything correct and in its place. I try to see both the trees as well as the woods, and consider my analysis and synthesis skills to be exceptional.

The Estonian language is my indisputable passion. I also thoroughly enjoy Russian language and literature; while English is necessary for my work.

My life is made colourful and mellow by my three children, my three little grandchildren.

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