IT Strategic Management

IT strateegiline juhtimine

Along with tactical daily operations, it is important to have an IT strategic view that takes into account the company’s main operation needs and developments in developing the field of IT.

Information technology must support the execution of the company’s strategies and work flawlessly at that.

Technologies are expensive and rapidly changing. Assessing the current situation gives an overview of ongoing operations. Clear objectives and a development plan help to choose the most appropriate activities and sustainable investments.

A company faces three major IT-strategic questions:

  • Which applications and services are needed?
  • Is the current IT infrastructure sufficient?
  • Who keeps the information systems running and how?

An IT Manager is a member of executive management, whose responsibilities and duties include:

  1. Wording strategic objectives and leading the team accordingly;
  2. Advising the management and the heads of structural units regarding IT;
  3. Drawing up practical and purposeful procedural rules and regulations;
  4. Ensuring that information system documentation is kept up to date;
  5. Mediating IT work with other organisations and partners.

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