Development Management

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Everyone who has had any contact with IT developments knows how many obstacles there are on the journey from an idea to the final result. The idea must get written down in a clear and measurable way, a professional development partner must be chosen and the development process must be well managed.

A client is advised to purchase the services of a good project manager particularly when the organisation’s information system is complicated and of utmost importance to the operation of the organisation, or if the organisation lacks the necessary competence or resources for managing and supervising a software development project.

HLP has extensive experience in representing the client in all stages of the development process.
Over time, the role of software development in organisations has changed. Initially, software was one of the elements of innovation; but, over time, it has become an independent product. Dependency on software has increased, software development tools have become more complex, and software systems are connected to each other. Additionally, in a tense software development project the characteristics, development methods and management practices of the team members may become tangled.

If the work is done properly – using well thought through and well-tested work methods – the greater the likelihood that the final product will be of high quality, will be completed quicker and will be able to create added value for the company.
The quality of the development process is measured in terms of clear and measurable terms of reference, sustainable documentation, competent participation and supervision by the client, proper management of the development process, and a professional cooperation partner.

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