Assessing Olerex’s IT situation

September 2011 - September 2013

I learned more about document- and IT-management with 1 year than I had with 12 years before this project.
— IT-manager Alvar Soome


Hansson, Leego & Partner assessed the current status of Olerex’s information system and IT team from which put together an IT strategy for 2011-2015.

Since November 2011 an IT consultant from HLP helped assess IT-strategic options, initiate consistent information management, establish a successful IT team and find suitable IT cooperation partners and information systems. IT consultant helped the IT-manager establish work procedures for software development  and implement  internal regulations for the information system.


  1. IT strategy 2011-2015 and plan of action
  2. Internal regulations: regulations for the information system, information management guide, activity plan
  3. IT team: occupational guides, employment contracts, competitions for acquiring new team members
  4. Partner network : service contracts, service partner procurements
  5. Software development methodology